Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Service ("Agreement") form a legal agreement covering the provision of services ("service" or "services") provided by Justkwik ("Justkwik.com" or "Justkwik" or "us" or "our" or "we") to you as an individual ("you" or "your"). Your use of the services will be governed by this Agreement, along with the Justkwik.com Privacy Policy. Please read through this Agreement and Privacy Policy carefully before accepting them.

Acknowledgment and Change of Terms

Before you can enlist a record you should acknowledge our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By tolerating this Agreement or by utilizing the Service, you explicitly recognize and concur that you are going into a lawful concurrence with Justkwik, and have comprehended and consent to conform to, and be legitimately bound by, this Agreement.

For changes to these Terms of Service that will essentially influence your rights and commitments we will endeavor to tell you before the progressions produce results. You can end this Agreement whenever by finishing up any exceptional exchanges and different commitments, pulling back any residual adjusts and erasing your record.

Registration and User Account

To utilize our services, or to get to this site or a portion of the assets it brings to the table, you might be requested to give enrollment details of interest with a specific end goal to register as a user ("account"). It is a state of utilization of this site and our services that every one of the subtle elements you give are right, current, and finish. On the off chance that we trust the points of interest are not right, current, or finish, we have the privilege to deny you access to the site, or any of its assets, and to end or suspend your record.

You may just follow up for your own sake. Your record may not be utilized to go about as a go-between or specialist for any individual or element.

Your record must not contain misdirecting or deceitful data, including, faking your nation of starting point or giving false recognizable proof archives.

We may whenever expect you to finish our ID check process and may likewise expect you to present extra distinguishing proof archives to us on the off chance that we consider it important. Neglecting to finish ID check will be viewed as an infringement of this Agreement.

Identity Verification

Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee Justkwik remains a protected stage for the majority of our usres we expect you to confirm your identity to get to some portion of the services we offer. Identity confirmation required when you make advertisement, pass certain transaction volume limits, amid transaction dispute, extortion examinations, and to guarantee account proprietorship. As a feature of our ID confirmation process we expect you to give us your full name and also records and photos that check your identity.

In specific circumstances we may require upgraded identity confirmation. This may incorporate necessities to confirm points of interest or wellsprings of assets with respect to payments you have made services transactions on Justkwik and in addition administrations exchanges that you've done utilizing stage.

Service Trading

You can initiate trades to buy service by sending trade requests to advertisements created by sellers.

By sending an trade request for you consent to be bound by the terms and states of the trade as chose and controlled by the advertiser (regardless of whether by choosing from choices accessible to advertiser for advertisements or by any freestyle terms and conditions set out by the publicist in the Terms of trade field) and showed on the ad page. The terms and conditions indicated by the advertiser are substantial in all cases aside from when they negate or abuse these Terms of Service, are absurd or generally hard to conform to, are illicit, or if the two gatherings of the service agree to adjust the terms and states of the trade.

The discount rate, service amount and other terms and conditions of the trade that are visible on the advertisement page prior to sending a trade request cannot be altered once a trade request has been sent and the trade has started.

When you are buying services it is your responsibility to check that you have received requested service. After you have released (escrow amount) a trade to the seller it is not possible to cancel, reverse, dispute or otherwise recover or return the amount to you.

All correspondence significant to the trade must occur in the trade chat some portion of the trade such a route, to the point that it is promptly accessible for Justkwik support staff to review. Correspondence that has not happened on Justkwik or that has been covered up, scrambled or generally hindered from see isn't thought about amid question audit and dispute determination.

Disputing Trades

At the point when a buyer and a seller are in difference over an trade either buyer or seller can begin a dispute("Disputed trade or "dispute"") to start an intercession procedure on the amount held in escrow. Disputed trade are evaluated and settled by Justkwik support staff.

Dispute must be begun on trade that are open and set apart as finished by the users. Exchanges that are not set apart as finished by the seller, have been discharged by the buyer, dropped by the buyer, naturally dropped, or officially questioned and settled are viewed as finished and can't be disputed, turned around, or adjusted.


When you are involved in a service trade it is important that you remain active and available from the time the trade is started to the time that the trade is completed, canceled, or resolved. This means that you must be able to provide a response to a request by Justkwik support in a disputed trade within 12 hours or you may be deemed as unresponsive and the dispute may be resolved against you.

Dispute review

During a dispute review Justkwik support may give you instructions that you are required to follow. The instructions given to you may require you to provide proof of service delivery, additional ID verification, photo; audio; or video evidence, or any other documents deemed relevant by Justkwik. Unless otherwise specified by Justkwik, these documents must be added to the disputed trade itself. Failure to follow the instructions may lead to the dispute being resolved against you.

Dispute resolution criteria

A disputed trade is most commonly resolved by Justkwik support moving the escrowed amount to the buyer or the seller of the disputed trade once the dispute resolution criteria are met.

In uncommon circumstances where neither one of the parties satisfy the criteria, or it is in different ways hazy or unrealistic to figure out which party has satisfied the dispute determination criteria, Justkwik may choose to determine the question by part the escrowed amount between the buyer and the seller uniformly or unevenly.

Dispute resolution criteria

Justkwik can resolve a disputed trade to a service seller when one of the accompanying criteria are met:

  • The buyer has become unresponsive.

  • Justkwik can resolve a disputed trade to a service buyer when one of the accompanying criteria are met:

  • The seller has become unresponsive
  • The service provided by the seller has been held/frozen/stopped by the service provider
  • The seller has not provided service according to the instructions provided to them by the buyer in the trade chat, advertisement terms of trade

  • In the event that the buyer or the seller of a disputed trade gives fake data or deceitful reports or makes false claims or generally attempts to compel a specific result of a disputed trade the dispute might be quickly settled against the user.

    Incorrect dispute resolution

    If you believe Justkwik has resolved a dispute you are a party of in a way which is not in accordance with these terms you have a right to request a review. To request a review you need to notify us and specifically request a review by contacting customer support no later than 6 hours after the dispute resolution.


    You can make service trade advertisements ("advertisement "" or "ad" or "ads") to publicize that you need to offer service. Different users can send trade solicitations to you from the advertisement that you've made. At the point when an trade request for is sent to you an trade is consequently begun.

    Data you give in advertisements and trades should constantly be right and a la mode. When you have advertisements empowered you are required to be dynamic and accessible to answer to trades began from these ads. In the event that a dispute is started in a trade against a publicist who isn't dynamic and accessible the advertiser might be considered inert according to this understanding and the dispute might be settled against them.

    The value that is characterized in the advertisement points of interest must contain any expenses that the publicist requires the buyer to pay. After inception of an trade the cost is final and can't be changed.

    Limitation, Suspension, and Termination of Your Account

    Infrequently circumstances emerge where we may need to restrain, suspend, or terminate your account. Account confinement ("restrain", "constraint") brings about a brief or perpetual loss of access to a specific particular part or parts of the services we offer. Account suspension("suspension", "block", "ban") brings about a brief loss of access to most parts of the administrations we offer. Record ("end", "changeless ban") brings about perpetual loss of access to all services we offer and also end of this Agreement.

    We have the privilege to, constrain, suspend, or end your record or access to the services that we give to you if:

    1. we have motivation to trust that you have acted infringing upon these Terms of Service or relevant laws or controls or on the off chance that we have motivation to trust that any substance or material submitted or shared by you in or through the services abuses these Terms of Service or appropriate laws or directions or outsider rights;
    2. we speculate that you utilize the services to take part in, endeavor to participate in, or regarding deceitful action, tax evasion, psychological oppressor financing or other money related wrongdoing;
    3. we have motivation to trust that you have provided false, deceptive or misleading data regarding your enlistment, character confirmation, trades or some other utilization of our services, either to us or to another user;
    4. we are required to do as such under any material law, direction or a request issued by an expert;
    5. make accessible substance or carry on in a way that slanders, stigmatizes, attacks security, stalks, is vulgar, explicit, supremacist, injurious, irritating, debilitating or is hostile;
    6. on the off chance that you utilize the services in a way which may make the administrations be hindered or harmed or such a path, to the point that the usefulness of the administrations is in any capacity impeded or endeavor to sidestep or break any security system of the services or if Justkwik has confidence in compliance with common decency that such activity is sensibly important to ensure the security of its administrations or its property or mark or the security, property and privileges of its clients or those of outsiders;
    7. Endeavor any unapproved access to client accounts or any part or segment of the service.

    We will normally give you a notice of any impediment, suspension, or end of your record yet we may, in the event that it is sensible to do as such (for instance we think of it as fitting for security reasons), restrain, suspend or end your record without earlier notice to you.

    You recognize that our choice to restrict, suspend, or end your record, might be founded on private criteria that are basic to our hazard administration and security conventions and that we are under no commitment to unveil the subtle elements of our hazard administration and security systems to you.

    If we restrict, suspend or end your record we will lift the suspension as quickly as time permits once the purposes behind the suspension or end never again exist.

    System Abuse and unauthorized access

    Without limitation, you agree not to, and not to encourage or allow any other user of the services to

    1. use the services or the site (or any part of them) for any illegal purpose;
    2. utilize the services in a way which may make the services to be intruded, harmed, rendered less productive or with the end goal that the viability or usefulness of the services is in any capacity hindered;
    3. endeavor any unapproved access to any part or segment of the services, sidestep or break any security instrument of the services or utilize the services in whatever other way that represents a security hazard to us or any of our users;
    4. misrepresent your identity or credentials, or use those of another person, in engaging with us or any other persons on the site or via the services;
    5. use the services to harvest or otherwise collect information about others;
    6. use the services to engage in or in connection with fraudulent activity;
    7. reverse-engineer the services to find limitations or vulnerabilities;
    8. launch or encourage, regardless of whether deliberately or accidentally, a dissent of service assault on the services or take part in whatever other direct that antagonistically impacts the accessibility, unwavering quality, or solidness of the services;
    9. send, make or answer to supposed mail bombs (i.e., messaging duplicates of a solitary message to numerous users, or sending substantial or various documents or messages to a solitary user with malignant aim) or participate in spamming (i.e., spontaneous messaging or informing for business or different purposes) or attempt whatever other action which may unfavorably influence the activity or satisfaction in this site by some other individual;
    10. alter or adjust any piece of the site or the services; or
    11. Reproduce, offer, exchange or generally abuse any asset, or access to any asset, contained on this site.
    12. Limiting Access to Your Justkwik Wallet

      In certain situations your ability to access, conduct transactions, or start trades using amount held in your Justkwik wallet may be limited.

      This limitation may be applied specifically to your account in order to safeguard amount stored in your wallet when we e.g. suspect a 3rd party/person has gained unauthorized access to your account; if we suspect you of engaging in or being involved in fraudulent or illegal activity; if we are provided with valid legal request from an authority.

      This limitation is also applied usually to any or all users or a set of our users throughout service outages or maintenance outages of the website; throughout alternative things wherever we believe there is a high risk to your wallet balance.

      In the event that we limit access to your wallet we aim to remove the limitation as soon as possible once the reasons for the suspension or termination no longer exist.

      We will ordinarily offer you a notice of any limitation of access to your notecase however we have a tendency to could, if it's cheap to try and do therefore (for example we have a tendency to think about it best for security reasons), limit access to your notecase while not previous notice.

      You acknowledge that our call to limit access to your wallet could also be supported confidential criteria that square measure essential to our risk management and security protocols which we tend to square measure beneath no obligation to disclose the small print of our risk management and security procedures to you.

      Fees and Pricing

      The administrations are given to you against charges decided on a for every exchange and additionally per exchange premise as per the costs and valuing standards set out on our site. Such charges incorporate expenses for approaching exchanges, rate based charges for exchanges finished.

      Except if generally determined expenses are naturally deducted from your Justkwik wallet adjust or store when the administration is rendered or finished.

      Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

      This site and the administrations are given on an "as may be" and "as accessible" reason for your data and use with no portrayal or support. To the most extreme degree allowed by relevant law, we make no guarantees of any sort, regardless of whether express or inferred, in connection to the site or the administrations, including however not restricted to, suggested guarantees of acceptable quality, usefulness, wellness for a specific reason, non-encroachment, similarity, security, exactness, condition or fulfillment, or any inferred guarantee emerging from course of managing or use or exchange.

      Justkwik isn't in charge of any client created content on its site including yet not constrained to messages, criticisms or promotions but rather may evacuate or adjust said content without notice or obligation whenever in its sole tact.

      This webpage may contain connections to different destinations on the Internet. These locales may contain data or material that a few people may discover improper or hostile. These different destinations are not under the control of Justkwik.com, and you recognize that (regardless of whether such locales are associated in any capacity with Justkwik.com) Justkwik.com isn't in charge of the exactness, lawfulness, respectability, or some other part of the substance of such locales.

      In the event that and to the greatest degree allowed by pertinent law, we won't be at risk for:

      any financial misfortunes (counting without restriction loss of incomes, benefits, contracts, business or foreseen investment funds);

      any loss of altruism or notoriety;

      any unique or aberrant or important misfortunes, howsoever emerging

      regardless of whether such misfortunes were inside the thought of both of us at the date on which the occasion offering ascend to the misfortune happened. Without restriction, you (and not us) accept the whole cost of all important adjusting, repair or revision or amendment in case of any such misfortune or harm emerging.

      Nothing in these Terms of Service will reject or breaking point our obligation in view of stiff-necked direct or gross carelessness. In the event that and to the degree appropriate law does not permit the above confinements of guarantee and risk, such constraints will not make a difference to you.

      Despite some other arrangement in these Terms of Service, nothing will constrain your rights as a buyer under required arrangements of material purchaser insurance enactment.


      You consent to be completely in charge of (and completely reimburse us against) all cases, obligation, harms, misfortunes, expenses and costs, including legitimate expenses, endured by us and emerging out of or identified with any break of this Agreement by you or some other liabilities acquired by us emerging out of your utilization of the administrations, or use by some other individual getting to the administrations utilizing your client record, gadget or web get to account; or your infringement of any law or privileges of any outsider.


      We may exchange or dole out our rights and obligations under this Agreement to any gathering whenever without notice to you, yet this won't influence your rights or our commitments under this Agreement. You may not, notwithstanding, exchange or dole out any of your rights and obligations under this Agreement to some other gathering.

      This Agreement (as corrected every once in a while) contains the whole assention and comprehension between us in regard of all issues which are alluded to in this and supersedes any earlier composed or oral understanding between us identifying with such issues. No oral clarification or oral data given by both of us will adjust the elucidation of this Agreement. You affirm that, in consenting to acknowledge this Agreement, you have not depended on any portrayal that isn't explicitly included in this and you concur that you will have no cure in regard of any distortion which has not turned into a term of this Agreement. In any case, nothing in this Agreement indicates to prohibit obligation for any deceitful proclamation or act.

      In the event that any piece of arrangement this Agreement is regarded unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, at that point that arrangement will be esteemed to be severable from this Agreement and will not influence the legitimacy and enforceability of any of the rest of the arrangements of the Agreement.

      Our inability to implement any privilege or arrangement in this Agreement won't constitute a waiver of such right or arrangement except if recognized and consented to by us in composing. But as explicitly put forward in this Agreement, the activity by either gathering of any of its cures under this Agreement will be without partiality to its different cures under this Agreement or generally allowed under law.

      You concur that this Agreement and any question amongst you and us will be represented in all regards by the laws of India, But in the event that disallowed and without confinement to any statutory rights for customers under appropriate shopper assurance laws, you concur that all debate, cases and procedures emerging out of or identifying with the administrations will be settled by the courts of Delhi, India. Be that as it may, we will dependably have the privilege to take lawful procedures in the court of equipped locale of your house. All cases will be brought inside one (1) year after the claim emerges. Disappointment of either gathering to practice in any regard any directly under this Agreement will not be considered to be a waiver of such right.

      The administrations are controlled and offered by us from India. We make no portrayals that the administrations are suitable or accessible for use in different nations. Clients of Justkwik.com are themselves in charge of ensuring they are in consistence with enactment of the ward they work and dwell in.


      1. Provide valid documents and bank account details while opening account
      2. We may ask further verification if we are not satisfied with the provided documents
      3. Do not create more than one account user if we found multiple account of one user we will terminate all the account without issuing any notice to the user
      4. You are solely responsible for transaction made by you if we find anything suspicious we may file suit at Law & Enforcemnet agency
      5. All Credit/Debit cards, Bank Accounts and wallet that should be under your name which you use for transaction
      6. No stolen Account, wallet and card should be used
      7. All legal matters are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only

      Cancellation Policy

      All finished trade can not be reversed.Check twice before releasing escrow amount

      Once transaction is confirmed there is no cancellation policy.