Justkwik Refund Policy

Refund Policy

In the event of a failed transaction on Justkwik, where the completion of a trade is unsuccessful due to technical issues, payment discrepancies, or any other unforeseen circumstances, Justkwik is committed to ensuring a seamless and fair resolution.

Refund Process:

Automated Refund:

Justkwik will initiate an automated refund process to the source of payment used in the transaction.

Timely Resolution:

The refund will be processed promptly to minimize inconvenience for the users involved in the failed transaction.


Users will be notified of the refund status through the Justkwik platform, providing transparency throughout the resolution process.

User Responsibility:


Users are encouraged to verify their payment details to ensure accuracy before initiating a trade.

Contact Support:

In case of any issues or concerns related to a failed transaction, users should promptly contact Justkwik support for assistance.

Important Note:

This policy is designed to uphold fairness and transparency in the event of a failed transaction, providing users with confidence in the Justkwik platform. Users are encouraged to report any discrepancies promptly to facilitate a swift resolution.