Buyer Guidelines

Account Registration

  1. Provide all valid details for account creation including your Name, Email and Mobile Number.
  2. Verify email id using email verification link sent to your email id.
  3. Add Money in justkwik wallet and place trade to buy

Account Registration Tutorial

Add Money in Wallet

Buyer Trade Guidelines

  1. Be courteous while trading.
  2. Provide all correct information in trade chat.
  3. Follow trade rules provided by seller on trade terms.
  4. All trade chat should be done on our platform. If dispute arise it will help us to understand the issue.
  5. If you are buying gift card, any other voucher or coupon code redeem it instantly before releasing escrow amount.
  6. Never release escrow amount before getting requested service.
  7. After receiving your requested service release the escrow amount as soon as possible.
  8. Do not trade outside our platform if seller forces you to do so if seller is forcing to deal outside our platform report immediately at our customer support.
  9. If you trade outside other than our platform then you are not liable to dispute.
  10. Be active at the time of trade if you are inactive after placing your trade and seller claims that he has completed service and dispute started by seller then we have to release escrow in seller’s favor.
  11. Never provide fake evidence in disputed trade if you do so we will release escrow to seller and ban you permanently from our platform.