Seller Guidelines

Account Registration

  1. Provide all valid details for account creation including your Name (as mentioned on your Govt. ID), Email, Mobile Number, Bank Account details (for payout credit)
  2. For ID verification provide your Aadhar Number & upload your Aadhar scan/photo copy and your PAN Number scan/photo (if available).
  3. Provide only legitimate service any tricks or fake service seller will be banned.

Seller Trade Guidelines

  1. Be courteous while trading.
  2. Provide requested service in provided time frame.
  3. If you cannot fulfill the requested trade then cancel the trade immediately as when a user place a trade user’s amount gets hold in escrow.
  4. After providing service click on “Transaction Completed” button.
  5. All trade chat should be done on our platform. If dispute arise it will help us to understand the issue.
  6. Always mention source of the service whether in trade terms or in trade chat.
  7. Do not ask extra amount from buyer. The price is final (including our trading fee) which is shown on the advertisement at the time of placing trade.
  8. Never force buyer to trade outside. If you do so it leads to ban your account permanently.
  9. Never ask buyer to release escrow without providing requested service. If you do so it leads to ban your account permanently.
  10. Do not sell illegal tricks and services.
  11. Do not ask irrelevant question form buyer.
  12. Never provide fake evidence in disputed trade if you do so we will release escrow to buyer and ban you permanently from our platform. Also if buyer wants to file complaint against you it will be sole discretion of buyer.
  13. Be active at the time of trade if you are inactive after receiving trade and you have provided requested service to buyer but not clicked on “Transaction Completed” then the trade will be canceled automatically after 60 minutes and the escrow amount will be credited back in buyer’s account.