how justkwik escrow works

Justkwik is a service trading platform that facilitates the exchange of various online services, including Gift Cards and Coupon Codes. Sellers on the platform have the opportunity to create advertisements offering their services, while other users can respond to these ads and arrange online transactions. To initiate a trade, buyers must add funds to their wallet. It's important to note that all trades on the platform are conducted directly between users, with Justkwik serving as an escrow provider. While Justkwik is not a party to the specific service trades or transactions, it may assist in resolving any disputes that arise between buyers and sellers. Our primary focus is to provide a secure and reliable platform for users to engage in service trading.

To ensure a smooth trading experience on Justkwik, we recommend following these steps:

Check the ad terms: Before placing a trade, carefully review the terms and conditions specified in the advertisement. This includes the service details, price, and any additional requirements or instructions from the seller.

Place the trade: Once you have reviewed the ad and are satisfied with the terms, proceed to place the trade. This confirms your intent to buy the service from the seller.

Chat with the seller: It's essential to communicate with the seller to discuss your specific requirements and ensure mutual understanding. Use the chat feature provided on the platform to clarify any doubts, provide necessary details, or seek additional information.

Receive the service and release payment: After the seller has delivered the service to your satisfaction, you can proceed to release the payment. This action transfers the funds from your Justkwik wallet to the seller, completing the trade.

Leave feedback: Once the transaction is successfully completed, take a moment to leave feedback for the seller. Your feedback helps build trust within the Justkwik community and provides valuable insights for other users.

By following these steps, you can engage in secure and transparent trades on Justkwik while ensuring a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.